Diet plan for cellulite removal

Diet plan for cellulite removal:-

Breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruit. 50 g finely chopped dried fruit different, mix them with five tablespoons of oatmeal ready, dressed 100 ml of buttermilk and a teaspoon of crushed pistachios. You can drink kvass and mineral water.

Brunch: natural yoghurt. Mix 150 ml of yogurt with half a banana and 25 g of wheat germ. Drink mineral water.
Lunch: potato casserole. Boiled potatoes in water (200g), stem leeks and grated two carrots some time, and then spread into a greased form. Fill with whipped egg cheese and milk. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

Snack: cheese sandwich. Slice of crispbread we smear two teaspoons of cream and cover with a thin slice of emmental cheese. Sprinkle with green onions and a little red pepper. You can drink herbal tea.

Dinner: crab salad with fennel. Cut 200 g of fresh fennel and spread on a plate with 80 g canned crab. Yogurt salad dressed with lemon juice and fresh herbs also permitted two pieces of black bread.

Not recommended to follow such a diet constantly. On the contrary, it is believed that long-term adherence to such a diet; the effectiveness of anti-cellulite can be significantly reduced. So after five days must return to a normal diet, including all useful for cellulite products and, of course, eliminating all harmful. And if proper nutrition is even more anti-cellulite and reasonably combine with special physical exercises and various techniques that provide local impact on the problem areas, the “orange peel” will disappear forever.