Treatment and prevention of ‘’orange peel’’

How does Darsonval? Method Darsonval is effective in treating many skin diseases, including cellulite. Darsonvalization method is that the skin is brought to a high voltage. This happens through a special electrode, in which air or fully rolled out, or discharged.

You will like the result – Stress causes ionization of the air and causes the development of silent electric discharge. When the voltage is increased, there is a process of self-secondary ionization, which produces a spark charge.

Darsonvalization causes changes in the physical and chemical processes occurring in the body tissues. Reaction to a short-term impact of d’Arsonval vasospasm is replaced by an extension of their lumens.

As a result, significantly reduces the phenomenon of venous stasis, improves lymph circulation and blood oxygen levels and increased tissue blood flow, resolve inflammatory lesions on the skin. Some time ago, Darsonvalization procedure could only walk in beauty salons and physiotherapy. Today the situation has changed – cellulite treatment with darsonval now available at home.

Easy to use the device, so the procedure can be mastered in one or two sessions.

How to use the product? And for the treatment and prevention of “orange peel” Darsonvalization procedure should be carried out over the entire surface feet (except for the area behind the knee). This procedure is performed using the T-shaped nozzle. On average, each leg will require 10 minutes Darsonvalization. With these manipulations can prepare your skin for the next stage, while removing lymphostasis phenomenon.


Darsonval Cellulite Treatment and Prevention

Darsonval Cellulite Treatment and Prevention – Cellulite is a common problem, they suffer, in total, up to ninety percent of all women on the planet; this aesthetic ailment able thoroughly to reduce the quality of life of the fair sex, blocking their access to open clothes and swimsuits. Given the “popularity” of cellulite, and his ability to appear in women of any body, we can say that it is the common enemy of all the beautiful half of humanity. Therefore, new means of dealing with this disease appear regularly, and they are becoming increasingly effective.

Darsonval to fight cellulite – One of the most popular among women suffering from cellulite treatments is darsonval method. What it represents, what, specifically, help, and what kind of machine that is used in procedures?

Machine description Darsonval – In the professional environment unit Darsonval interesting term called “cosmetic harvester.” And this is really the name most closely matches its essence. Darsonval – a way to get rid of an impressive list of diseases. It is a small device consisting of a compact body and a variety of nozzle-electrodes, which are used to treat cellulite and many other diseases.

For effective impact on the problem areas, experts advise to use a T-shaped nozzle. Buying machine, you need to check whether the model is equipped with a universal bit holder. And another tip: when buying Darsonval should also pay attention to what exactly nozzle included. As a rule, are not included in the set of all the nozzles, and in this case they have to be purchased separately.

Diet plan for cellulite removal

Diet plan for cellulite removal:-

Breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruit. 50 g finely chopped dried fruit different, mix them with five tablespoons of oatmeal ready, dressed 100 ml of buttermilk and a teaspoon of crushed pistachios. You can drink kvass and mineral water.

Brunch: natural yoghurt. Mix 150 ml of yogurt with half a banana and 25 g of wheat germ. Drink mineral water.
Lunch: potato casserole. Boiled potatoes in water (200g), stem leeks and grated two carrots some time, and then spread into a greased form. Fill with whipped egg cheese and milk. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

Snack: cheese sandwich. Slice of crispbread we smear two teaspoons of cream and cover with a thin slice of emmental cheese. Sprinkle with green onions and a little red pepper. You can drink herbal tea.

Dinner: crab salad with fennel. Cut 200 g of fresh fennel and spread on a plate with 80 g canned crab. Yogurt salad dressed with lemon juice and fresh herbs also permitted two pieces of black bread.

Not recommended to follow such a diet constantly. On the contrary, it is believed that long-term adherence to such a diet; the effectiveness of anti-cellulite can be significantly reduced. So after five days must return to a normal diet, including all useful for cellulite products and, of course, eliminating all harmful. And if proper nutrition is even more anti-cellulite and reasonably combine with special physical exercises and various techniques that provide local impact on the problem areas, the “orange peel” will disappear forever.

Dietary menu for cellulite removal

Dietary menu for cellulite removal is as follows:-

Day 1

Breakfast: sweet pepper with cheese. Cut the pepper pod and one small onion. Mix with 125 g of cottage cheese and 4 tablespoons milk. Season with salt to taste and we smear the mixture two thin slices of black bread.

Brunch: vitamin cocktail. Mix half a cup of yogurt and half a cup of carrot juice, 20 g of wheat germ, and a teaspoon of unrefined vegetable oil (preferably olive) and a teaspoon of chopped green onions. Add salt to taste.

Brunch: vitamin cocktail

Lunch: potato casserole. Boil three medium potatoes. Cut into slices; add 150g chopped fresh zucchini and tomatoes (2 pieces sliced). We spread the vegetables in a greased form and fill the eggs, whipped with milk and cheese. Bake 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees. You can drink green tea.

Snack: sandwich with meat. Slice of black bread we smear a teaspoon of natural yogurt. Put on top of a piece of boiled chicken breast and a few slices of cucumber and tomato. Sprinkle with herbs. Drink herbal tea.

Dinner: vegetable soup. Diced potatoes and carrots (100 g), and boil in a cup of broth. Then small onion, half a stalk of leeks 60 g of pork and pepper stew in vegetable oil. Then mix with vegetable broth season with herbs.

2nd Day

At the beginning of the special program proper diet against cellulite implies also excretion of excess water. So one day is a relief – Thursday required every hour (from 8 am to 20.00) medicinal drink teas, juices and non-carbonated mineral water (200-300 ml at a time).

Training For Cellulite Removal

This special training course will teach trainers work with clients in various stages of post-postpartum recovery. It will also help create an appropriate program of fitness exercises on the Power Plate in accordance with the individual needs of clients.

The Power Plate

Exercises on the Power Plate offer many advantages. Changing users will feel after three fifteen-minute lessons per week. Regular exercise helps to increase muscle strength and flexibility, physical fitness, motor skills, balance and active recreation.

It also will reduce the appearance of cellulite and body fat and contribute to weight loss. They use it as professional athletes, especially to stretch the muscles, warming up and active recreation.

The machines are also an excellent means of rehabilitation. Power Plate works by transferring vibrations to muscles, which activates reflexive muscle contractions, thereby achieving much greater involvement of muscle fibers than normal training.

Exercise on a Power Plate is suitable for individuals of all ages. Increases fitness and helps to develop physical abilities. Special programs focus its wide versatility even further developed.

If you start new mothers with special exercises on the Power Plate at birth, may soon regain its former stature.

Remove pigment spots also helps intense pulsed light (IPL) method using light energy, called photo rejuvenation – skin rejuvenation and removal of unwanted cosmetic defects.

Proven Methods To Reduce Cellulite

Certainly, it is appropriate to focus on the movement of the lower limbs. Most utility in this direction will bring frequent walks, dance studio lessons or aerobics are so early still appropriate.

Given that plague women after pregnancy spacing and also allowed the abdominal muscles, it is important to adjust the intensity to these factors.

The degree of abdominal spacing is individual and is required to determine the degree that the proposed good exercise activities. It is very important that any woman who is interested in the exercises after delivery, contact the experts – such as Power Plate studio with trained personnel

Who can set up training tailored to the current state of her body, “says coach and trainer program for mothers after childbirth Czech Republic

About Jenny Burrell

Founder of Burrell Education – Society for training in physical fitness, which is looking for the most advanced proven and proven methods to maintain current and future mothers healthy and in good shape.

Jenny Burrell teaches in workshops on exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth, while also joined forces with the Power Plate International to create and implement a successful workshop

Nontraditional Cellulite Removal

I lumbar and pelvic stability is very important. In addition to strengthening the pelvic floor, which was burdened with pregnancy and childbirth, training is focused on the abdominal muscles, which is permitted after pregnancy.

Quite a few women begin after birth as a result of weakened muscles suffers from incontinence. In this case, the exercises on the Power Plate have proven very effective.

Vibration leads to a significant increase in muscle contractions and body condition without increasing the burden on the traditional. In comparison with conventional exercise this training is shorter and more efficient.

Should not be forgotten or hormonal imbalance. Many mothers suffer from postpartum increased deposition of fat in the tummy, which can be properly selected program reduced.

When and where women can start exercising?

After this period, new mothers may have to start worrying about strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles return functionality.


Of course women should not forget strengthen the back muscles delta, muscles and stretching the muscles of front deltoid, pectoral and lumbar back, which is particularly congested during this period.

Implementation Exercises To Reduce Cellulite

When practicing classical Keys exercises without vibration are maximum participation of 75 up (micro volts).

The activity of the pelvic floor during the traditional exercises on the Power Plate is 95 up (micro volts), which is worth about 20 units higher than without vibration!

Contractile strength of pelvic floor muscles in the implementation exercises on the platform increases by up to 20 percent

It is caused by vibrations in the optimal range of 25 – 50Hz, which subconsciously stimulates the muscles of the pelvic floor, and this leads to significant blood circulation and stimulate the muscle groups.

The entire program is designed to help the client to sculpt the whole figure. It is also suitable for menopausal women, which in addition to the high efficiency of the pelvic floor muscles help to break down and other ailments, such as relieve symptoms of osteoporosis.

It is always necessary to find a professional trainer force disposition clients and determine the best exercises for her. You will then consist of a suitable combination of exercises outside of the platform and the platform.

Program geared for mothers after childbirth emphasizes the reactivation of the pelvic floor muscles and strengthening the abdominal and back muscles.

Exercise Program For Cellulite

So it is not surprising that many of the lost time energy, vitality and functional strength to make your “sport” well managed.

What mothers after birth are most in need, says coach Power Plate “There are more things, and motherhood is not easy at first. They need to gain more energy, feel good again

To solve the problem of the pelvic floor, enhance overall, throw, compare metabolism and hormone levels, increase muscle strength and be generally fit. This is a program that Jenny has prepared, absolutely perfect, “said the coach.

How exercise program on Power Plate work?

The machine allows the client to focus on the exact target muscle groups, so you can very well strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles – the game, which had the worst effect of pregnancy.

Already itself standing on the vibrating plate amplifies the intensive intramuscular stimulation of muscle contractions and thereby strengthens.


Measuring the effectiveness of trained

The effectiveness of exercise can be measured by electroencephalography, which measures the maximum activity of the pelvic floor, thus activating potential of muscle – the degree of involvement of its fibers.