Treatment and prevention of ‘’orange peel’’

How does Darsonval? Method Darsonval is effective in treating many skin diseases, including cellulite. Darsonvalization method is that the skin is brought to a high voltage. This happens through a special electrode, in which air or fully rolled out, or discharged.

You will like the result – Stress causes ionization of the air and causes the development of silent electric discharge. When the voltage is increased, there is a process of self-secondary ionization, which produces a spark charge.

Darsonvalization causes changes in the physical and chemical processes occurring in the body tissues. Reaction to a short-term impact of d’Arsonval vasospasm is replaced by an extension of their lumens.

As a result, significantly reduces the phenomenon of venous stasis, improves lymph circulation and blood oxygen levels and increased tissue blood flow, resolve inflammatory lesions on the skin. Some time ago, Darsonvalization procedure could only walk in beauty salons and physiotherapy. Today the situation has changed – cellulite treatment with darsonval now available at home.

Easy to use the device, so the procedure can be mastered in one or two sessions.

How to use the product? And for the treatment and prevention of “orange peel” Darsonvalization procedure should be carried out over the entire surface feet (except for the area behind the knee). This procedure is performed using the T-shaped nozzle. On average, each leg will require 10 minutes Darsonvalization. With these manipulations can prepare your skin for the next stage, while removing lymphostasis phenomenon.


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