Implementation Exercises To Reduce Cellulite

When practicing classical Keys exercises without vibration are maximum participation of 75 up (micro volts).

The activity of the pelvic floor during the traditional exercises on the Power Plate is 95 up (micro volts), which is worth about 20 units higher than without vibration!

Contractile strength of pelvic floor muscles in the implementation exercises on the platform increases by up to 20 percent

It is caused by vibrations in the optimal range of 25 – 50Hz, which subconsciously stimulates the muscles of the pelvic floor, and this leads to significant blood circulation and stimulate the muscle groups.

The entire program is designed to help the client to sculpt the whole figure. It is also suitable for menopausal women, which in addition to the high efficiency of the pelvic floor muscles help to break down and other ailments, such as relieve symptoms of osteoporosis.

It is always necessary to find a professional trainer force disposition clients and determine the best exercises for her. You will then consist of a suitable combination of exercises outside of the platform and the platform.

Program geared for mothers after childbirth emphasizes the reactivation of the pelvic floor muscles and strengthening the abdominal and back muscles.


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