Exercise Program For Cellulite

So it is not surprising that many of the lost time energy, vitality and functional strength to make your “sport” well managed.

What mothers after birth are most in need, says coach Power Plate “There are more things, and motherhood is not easy at first. They need to gain more energy, feel good again


To solve the problem of the pelvic floor, enhance overall, throw, compare metabolism and hormone levels, increase muscle strength and be generally fit. This is a program that Jenny has prepared, absolutely perfect, “said the coach.

How exercise program on Power Plate work?

The machine allows the client to focus on the exact target muscle groups, so you can very well strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles – the game, which had the worst effect of pregnancy.

Already itself standing on the vibrating plate amplifies the intensive intramuscular stimulation of muscle contractions and thereby strengthens.


Measuring the effectiveness of trained

The effectiveness of exercise can be measured by electroencephalography, which measures the maximum activity of the pelvic floor, thus activating potential of muscle – the degree of involvement of its fibers.


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